The high school civics class you really needed

I’ve been sending notes to friends about our local government for a few years now. After talking with voters during the last election, I realized there are so many parts of the government we know very little about. And yet, we have to make decisions about them!

My goal is to get more people engaged in our government so we can change how this city is run and who runs it. This engagement includes everything from informed voting to writing policy proposals.

We can change this city for the better but we need more people to pay attention.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Who our elected officials are and what they do

  • Why neighborhood councils exist

  • How schools work

  • How elections work

  • Where your money goes when you pay the government

  • Plus how you can get involved in ensuring things are working in tip top shape!

Who writes this newsletter?

LA Pays Attention is written by me, Lex Roman. I have learned about our local government through many years of volunteer work in LA. And I have seen many people get lost in how unbelievably confusing it is.

I research every issue thoroughly using official city, county and state documents (like our City Charter) as well as trusted news sources. I enlist my fellow local government enthusiasts to help me fact check and ensure information is clear.

You can find my current community projects on my website and you can reach me at

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